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The Bad Quaker talks with a Catholic libertarian

Bad QuakerIf you have never listened to Ben Stone’s Bad Quaker podcast, you’ll find it a relaxed way to spend an hour and learn about liberty at the same time.

Sometimes Ben will offer a unique view on libertarian issues; sometimes he explores relevant historical issues; and other times he shares interviews he has recorded with other liberty-minded people. This week I had the pleasure of discussing Christianity and libertarianism with Ben. I hope you will give it a listen:

Show notes for 07/17/2014:  The Catholic Case for Libertarianism — Free will and Helping the poor — God is so very libertarian — Virtue cannot be be forced — Libertarianism and people on the margins — Should Christians pay taxes? — Romans 13 — St Paul Mocks the Emperor Nero

Download or listen to today’s show here:

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