Stopped by the cops – Freedom Feens 08/03/2014

Catholic libertarianFreedom Feens is a daily, liberty-related radio show with Michael W. Dean and a rotating cast of co-hosts.

I was co-host on a Feens broadcast this week. The 2-hour show is broadcast live at LRN.FM weeknights at Midnight Central time and at noon on weekends. A list of stations carrying the Freedom Feens is available here

Show notes for 08/03/2014: Feds collecting subversive internet memes — Nationalize the police? — FeenPhone Update — When the cops pull me over — Never, never, ever consent to a search — Do police have to read me my Miranda Rights? — I want to talk to a lawyer!

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If you imagine that you are not a criminal, think again:

Illegal milk crate