“Don’t tread on me” or “Do unto others?”

dont-tread-on-neighbor300There is a standard criticism of libertarians by Catholic opponents: that we are selfish individualists.

I cannot understand how avoiding the use of violence in dealing with others is painted as individualistic and un-Christian. I am sorely tempted to believe these critics are being deliberately obtuse. The scriptures teach that we should not do to another what we would not want done to ourselves. Don’t cheat. Don’t steal. Don’t hit. Don’t harm others. Live and let live. Mind your own business.

So here is my plea for charity: Give us libertarians the benefit of the doubt. Don’t assume that libertarians are all about “Don’t tread on me.” I don’t control what others do to me, only what I do unto others. That is where my libertarianism hits the road.

I ran across a very well-made video called “The Conversation.” It’s a powerful dramatization of the non-aggression principle, well-reasoned–and not religiously based–so please share it with everyone.

Free is Beautiful AudioBook – Chapter One: What is Libertarianism?

folderThe Free is Beautiful audiobook is now here. At least partly here. Every few days there will be a new chapter.

Meanwhile, Chapter One.  Feel free to share. It’s free.

Chapter One of Free is Beautiful explains the moral basis of libertarianism, what it is, and why it should matter to every Catholic, indeed every Christian.

Chapter One: What is libertarianism?

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