One thought on “Lew Rockwell Interview

  1. Wayne Cox

    Hi Randy,

    After listening to your interview with Lew this morning I was struck by the similarity of our views and how we both came to those still developing views. I left a very good career as a Fairfax County, VA police officer over the halfway point because I could no longer reconcile what I was having to do professionally with my ever growing libertarian conscience and worldview. I began to see the Code of Virginia not as a means of protecting society but as a tool of control and coercion. I look back on some of the cases I worked, ie the vice cases, and think that I was so very off base in thinking we were actually helping anyone or society at large in enforcing these laws. I do feel a deep sense of regret over the lives that are now stigmatized because of a criminal record, something I no longer believe in except for those that have of course harmed another person in some way. I am also a Catholic that has found my way back to the faith and that is certainly coloring my worldview recently as well. At any rate, like you I hope the future holds a more libertarian existence for our children and grandchildren. I look forward to reading your book and appreciate your sharing your views. Hopefully more in the “criminal justice” system will see these truths and walk away or work to change things in some other libertarian way.

    Thank you for your time.


    Wayne Cox


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