3 thoughts on “Judge Napolitano – Libertarian and pro-life orthodox Catholic

  1. Starting around the 10 minute mark when Judge Napolitano is discussing abortion, he seems to make the statement that a fertilized egg is not a human life unless/until it is implanted in the uterine wall. Did I catch that right? If so, that’s a shift away from life beginning at conception (Church teaching) to life beginning at implantation (modern medical definition of the beginning of pregnancy). ??? Kind of bizarre for someone who claims to be an orthodox, pro-life, pre-Vatican II Catholic. I am hoping I am just misunderstanding his statement.

    • After listening to this again, you may be right. Although he does say that “A fertilized egg is a human being,” he seems to make an exception for a fertilized egg out side the womb (as in in-vitro fertilization, specifically). I agree that the good judge may have slipped a notch on this point. I am looking into it.

      • Yes, it seems as though he implied that a human life is only created if the egg is fertilized as the result of copulation, and not a scientist tinkering around in a petri dish. I appreciate your looking into it. He is a good man, so I hope it is a misunderstanding.

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