Getting Started: Catholicism and libertarianism

Resources for the Catholic who wants to learn about liberty and libertarianism, the most just system in a fallen world and the only political philosophy that takes human dignity and free will seriously. First, a quick overview at by Mark Cavaliere: “Catholic libertarians? How is that even a thing??”  Then drill on down through these links:

Without Liberty, there is no virtue and no charity

Abortion and the Right to Life

Taxation and the State

Why not every sin should made a crime

Economics and Catholic Social Teaching

So, if the world is already going to hell in a hand-basket, wouldn’t a freer, voluntary society simply make it even harder to live a virtuous life and harder to raise a family in an way that pleases God and makes saints?


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4 thoughts on “Getting Started: Catholicism and libertarianism

  1. Hello. I think of myself as a christian anarchist. Not sure how that fits with you.
    Perhaps you could tell me more about what you stand for?
    Im very much against the drug-riddled, perverted freak show.
    How do you plan to stop that?
    Do you have like an action plan or a political programme?
    Thank you

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