Voting: the odds are never in your favor, especially the second time

Have you read about the woman¬†who has been charged with the felony of “voting more than once in the same election?” After trying–and failing–to cast a second “early” vote in a different Nevada location, this clueless woman was arrested in a Las Vegas casino.

I hope Mitt Romney appreciates her sacrifice, for she is a registered Republican. Of all the crimes one might commit, this chucklehead chose very poorly (if she did it, of course).

First of all, when is the last time any one vote made the difference in an election? No self-respecting criminal would ever commit a crime with such long odds against achieving the objective. Compared to casting a vote in hopes of changing the outcome of a national election, getting arrested at the slots would make her look like an odds-making genius.

The second reason this crime is so stupid is because the punishment is so disproportional to the harm done. Felonies are punishable by years in prison. This is one of those special crimes where the punishment will never be permitted to reflect the harm actually done, because the punishment would be minimal, an infraction.

This act is a felony because it mocks the government and undermines confidence in this sacrament of the civil religion. This is a felony because the rulers want the voters to feel that they are still in control and everything is still “OK.”

If this woman is convicted, I would not counsel her to hold her breath waiting for a pardon, even if Romney wins. As the Nevada Secretary of State noted of her arrest: “this demonstrates the integrity of the system.”

I wouldn’t go that far. Seems more like political¬†theater.

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