Something for my conservative Catholic friends

Anarcho-Ichthus-favSome of us Catholic libertarians come from a conservative political background. We understand the dilemma to which Catholic Republicans have become accustomed in recent decades. It seems like the choice is between electing either 1) lying Republicans who quickly disappoint or 2) lying Democrats whose very promises are an affront.

Confession1With that in mind, I invite you to check out, this article by my friend Mark Cavaliere: “Confession of a Catholic Libertarian.” Mark is the administrator of the Catholic Libertarians Facebook page.

Mark’s road will be very familiar to many. For all who are beginning to doubt whether the right guys are ever going to get control of the mess that the government has become, read Mark’s Confession and then look into liberty. Find out how Catholic it really is.

To begin exploring Catholicism and Liberty, go to Getting Started: Catholicism and libertarianism


Libertarian Jesus

Freedom Feens – Why be libertarian?

microphoneFreedom Feens is a daily, liberty-related radio show with Michael W. Dean and a rotating cast of co-hosts.

Freedom Feen Hugo González and I co-hosted Thursday’s show. The 2-hour show is broadcast live at LRN.FM weeknights at Midnight Central time and at noon on weekends.

Show notes for 06/11/2015:

Occupational licencing — Porcfest 2015 — Do libertarians approve of vices?  — Why people come to libertarianism — Make an AR-15 at home with Ghost Gunner

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I will be with the Freedom Feens broadcasting live from the Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, N.H. during the week of July 21-27, 2015, beginning at midnight Sunday night (CST).

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